People of Nunavut were refered to as Inuit the word Inuit means "the people" but an inut is an "inuit person". The Inuit had many traditions; Chiefly was one of the languages spoken by the Inuit people, Inuktitut is another one of the languages spoken. The Inuit people would watch in the sky something called Aurora Borealis also known as the Northern Lights, the people would watch them and try to find pictures of family members or friends dancing in another life, but it is said that if you whisle at the lights they will come and cut off your head, it is still told to kids today.    
    Transportaton in nunavut is a lot different from what we are use to. The Inuit people wold use something called a umiaq also known as a "woman's boat". They are large boats with more open space, the size is about 6-12 meters long. They would cover it in animal skin and transport people, dogs and goods. The Inuit people would also use dog sleds. Dog sleds were used to transport people when they needed to travel over snowy terrian. The most copmmon dog used for dog sleding is a husky, another that may be used are wolves. The sled itself can be made of many things; wood,  baleen form a whales mouth, or animal bones.
    The clothing was very unique in nunavut. The Inuit used animal fur to make clothing and shoes. They would sew them together with animal bones and the tread would be made from other animal parts. Jackets were made form animal skin and ther fur around the hood was an animals tail. The womens jackets were usually made extra large so that they could carry their babies in them to keep them form the horrrible weather. Shoes were usually made from caribu skin the design of the boots depened on the gender of a person so the boots of a man would differ from the boots for a woman (see second picture beside, it shows differnt types of boots and for what gender).

    The Inuit people of course had to keep warm because the weaher in Nunavut is unpredictable. Temporarly they would make and use something called an iglu also spelt igloo and they would live in them but when the weather got colder thy would live in in tents or sod houses. Tents would be made of animal skin and the frame would be made out of bones.
The Culture and Tradiions is very fasinating and is very different based on what we have today, the way our clothing and trasporation is and the places we live.


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